Dog Pet Diaper Washable Mat Urine Absorbent Diaper Mat

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Product Description:
Item Type:Pet Urine Mat
Material:BK Cotton Cloth,Anti-skid Cloth

Target Audience:Dogs
Size(L): 100x67cm/39.37x26.38

1. This mat can train dogs to learn to positioned defecation
2. Adopting the high-quality material, it can absorb the urine quickly, not easy to leak back.
3. Anti slid bottom can prevent the dogs from moving the pad because of any activities.
4. Use of the TPU to fix the bottom, the bottom is waterproof strongly, supporting machine wash.
5. It is recycled to use and is an environmental protection mat, can accompany dogs from infancy to adulthood.

Package Include:
1 x pet urine mat